Chemical Process and Production seeks to provide customers with high-performance solutions for their co-product and bi-product streams in a cost-effective, safe, and environmentally friendly manner. To do so we take as good care of our employees, our plant, our community, and our customers. 


CP&P actually began as a trucking company, owned by Jack Ploss, that hauled various waste chemicals to different plants. At one point, FMC had a glycerin stream that needed to be hauled, which led Jack to research the market for recovered glycerin.

When Ed Jones, one of the “founding 5”, heard of the glycerin deal, he told Jack there could be a better opportunity with Petrotex. They needed a recovery project which may be more substantive. So Jack called Petrotex who introduced him to Larry Smith – their research chemist at the time. Jack told Ed that if he wanted to design the plant, and Larry helped them get through the start-up, that they would share in the company.

So in 1972, CP&P was founded via the recovery of dichlorobutene . From there they became very successful marketing diisobutylene in 1979. In fact, CP&P had half the domestic market (40MM lbs) for it.

During the lean times of the 80’s CP&P held on working with a variety of streams and in 1994, Jack sold the trucking company. Then he and Greg Ploss invested themselves into the plant full time and started aggressively pursuing streams.

They distilled a stream (PIB -polyisobutylene) and sold the overhead into gas, and the bottom into marine diesel oil, which is how they got into what is now a major part of their business.




Jack Ploss

Big Creek High School, War, WV
College of the Mainland, Texas City, Texas

Work History
Transportation Management and Oil Field supervision. Managed operations, designed equipment, headed sales for Weeren Trucking.

1968 — Started Ploss Industries. Ran operations designed and supervised construction of necessary specialized equipment, was the sales force for 20 years.

1972 — Formed group and started Chemical Process & Production. Managed construction, hired necessary management team.

1982 — Formed Service Production purchased oil and gas wells. Managed enhanced production on oil and gas wells. Supervised reentries and work overs on production wells.

1985 — Formed Hitchcock Saltwater Disposal, Inc. Reentered three abandon wells for disposal of produced saltwater from production of oil and gas. Designed and supervised construction of new facility at Buffalo Camp.


Greg Ploss

Graduated Texas City High School 

Work History
Ploss Industries, Inc. 1980-1994
Worked in various positions including Oil Reclamation, field supervisor, dispatch, truck driver, tank cleaning and finally General Manager.

Peak Ploss Services 1994-1995
Office Coordinator. Facilitated the transition of Ploss Industries to Peak Services.

Chemical Process and Production, Inc. 1995-Present
Plant Manager
15 years of steady growth and expanded capacity and services.


Lawrence A. Smith, Jr.

(Larry) retired on 3/31/08 as the Research Director for CDTECH and Vice President of Research for CR&L (a Shell subsidiary). Larry received a BS degree in Chemistry from the University of Maryland in 1968. He is one of the founders of CR&L in 1977 and was its first President. He was also one of the cofounders of CP&P in 1972.

Larry was presented Outstanding Inventor of the Year Awards from the Intellectual Property Law Associations for the city of Houston in 1994 and state of Texas in 1996. In 2006, he was presented the AICHE Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division Practice Award inscribed with: “For the invention and commercialization of the first practical catalytic distillation reactor and process, and for the extension of this technology to fuel and petrochemical production processes of worldwide importance.” In September 2007, Larry was the invited Distinguished Lecturer for West Virginia University Chemical Engineering’s Dow/Union Carbide Reaction Engineering and Catalysis Seminar Series honoring R. Richard Bannister.

His name is on 77 US Patents as well as numerous Foreign Patents. He has 5 patents pending and has coauthored a number of papers. Larry has played a leading role in the invention and development of multiphase reactors and processes employing them. He is one of the pioneers in liquid continuous distillation and its use.

Larry honorably served six years in the Army Reserves where during his active duty in 1960 he was awarded the coveted “Blue Rifle” (Expert Infantry Badge).


Walter A. Inkofer

M.S. Chemical Engineering Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois
B.S. Chemical Engineering Iowa State University, Ames Iowa
Speaks German and French

Work History
Manufacturing Manager with 52 years extensive background in engineering, construction, operation, and maintenance in petrochemical plants, natural gas processing plant and refineries. Product pipeline experience and worked in France for two years.

Process Engineer on an interstate Anhydrous Ammonia pipeline. Designed, engineered, constructed, operated and maintained several types of specialty chemical plants. Designed and constructed a natural gas processing plant on skids from the well head. Designed and constructed projects in small and large refineries. Reduced budgets, increased production, improved safety and quality of work.

Wrote papers in CEP (Chemical Engineering Progress), Oil & Gas Journal, Ammonia Plant Safety Volumes 11 and 13, wrote a chapter in a book, Ammonia. Was called in as expert witness to submit deposition in the States of La., Iowa, Mo., Ark., and Tx. Gave several technical paper presentations to American Institute of Chemical Engineers and Instrument Society of America.

Engineer State of Texas 28252 Member American Institute of Chemical Engineers Past President, Sam Houston Chapter International Maintenance Institute IOS 9001 Team Member 360 Evaluation Team Member Quality Process Team Member 40 Hour Hazwoper Training Attended Numerous NPRA Annual Meetings.



Mike Landers


B.S. Chemistry, University of Illinois

 Work History

DOW Chemical

Chemical Process and Production Inc. 2005-present




Christopher Ploss


B.S. Industrial Distribution, Texas A&M

Work History

United States Army 2007-2010

Army Reserves 2010-present

Chemical Process and Production Inc. 2010-present

Marketing Director



Stephanie Porter

Graduated Santa Fe High School 1996

College of the Mainland 2002-2003

Work History
Worked in the retail field for seven years, from sales associate to manager, before coming to the plant in 2001.

Chemical Process and Production, Inc. 2001-Present
Office Manager



Michael ‘B. J.’ Bahr

Position: Maintenance
Hired on: 6/9/2008


Brandon Clingerman

Position: A/B Operator
Hired on: 7/5/2006


Cody Hicks

Position: B Operator
Hired on: 8/29/2008


Jonathan Patterson

Position: B Operator
Hired on: 11/12/2007


Kevin Freudensprung

Position: Operations Supervisor
Hired on: 7/1/1997


Ricky Brown

Position: A Operator
Hired on: 7/13/1998


Victor Boudreaux

Position: A Operator
Hired on: 4/22/2004