Health, Safety, and Environmentaltoll-processing

Chemical Process and Production takes our Health, Safety and Environmental responsibilities very seriously. We are passionate about safety, both for our employees and customers.

Health and Safety (TCEQ and OSHA)

CP&P continues to maintain a positive status with the TCEQ. We are also 100% OSHA 300 compliant. 

  • Passed TCEQ audit with no violations
  • Every permit is up to date and in force
  • All employees work in two-man crews 
  • Annual OSHA training for all employees covering: lock out/tag out, confined space entry, and HAZWOP to name a few

The Environment (Remediation Project)

In the early 2001, dirt was being moved on the facility.  It was sampled and found to contain a very low level of contamination. We immediately contacted the State, and a plan was put into motion for property remediation.

Remediation’s like this are traditionally handled via water catching systems that pump contaminated groundwater to treatment facilities. Since the State was interested in piloting a green solution, this became a perfect candidate.

In lieu of ditches and tile, we planted a grove of Eucalyptus trees, which consume upwards of 50 gallons of water per tree, per day. By placing them strategically around the area, they regulate the groundwater gradient. Strategically interspersed throughout were deep rooted Prairie Grasses, which actually metabolize the organic contaminants.

To date, CP&P and the State of Texas are pleased with the results of this remediation and hope that it can be a model that the State can use in similar circumstances.