One of the things we’re known for at CP&P is our technology. We have a good track record in adjusting flash points, distillation range purity, and upgrading streams with the use of our two distillation towers.

What we may be known for most however, are our resourcefulness and flexibility. For example, we helped a biodiesel manufacturer distill a stream that was difficult to separate due to excessive foaming. It was a tough stream to work with but we were able to process the stream economically.

The solutions we come up with are innovative. Our founder Jack Ploss has a long standing record of finding solutions to problems you don’t normally think of.

Plant Technology

Our plant is a good mix of tried and true as well as new technologies featuring:

  • SCADA process control
  • Continuous monitoring of electrical power quality
  • Coriolis mass flow measurement
  • Process trending


R&D is an essential element of CP&P’s business and is closely tied to the continued development of process knowledge.

In addition, we have the following capabilities:

New Stream Evaluations – Our lab evaluates new materials for suitability as well as the customer’s specifications and needs.  Tests that we perform include:

  • Physical property measurement
  • Distillation curves
  • Component identification by GC/MS and GC/FID
  • Water analysis by Karl-Fischer titration
  • Bromine number
  • Laboratory distillation of up to 50 trays and 2″ internal diameter

Reactive Chemistry – We have over 40 years of experience in catalysis. Some of our lab capabilities include:

  • 700 ml Autoclave
  • An automated, continuous-feed catalytic reactor for process R&D